I Eat a LOT Of Broccoli

October 27, 2021

broccoli garden

I have always loved broccoli but recently I have learned so much more about it. Growing it, harvesting it and cooking it! 

Did you know you can eat broccoli leaves? I have lived almost 60 years and I have just learned this and I have found out that a lot of other people don't know this either!

last broccoli plant of the season

The photo above is a Waltham Broccoli variety! Super hearty grows like crazy and tastes great! This was my very last plant of the season :(

When you harvest broccoli you end up with some broccoli and a TON of leaves and stems. People who don't know you can eat the leaves often through them away and I hate the thought that they are throwing away huge amounts of highly nutritious food!

harvesting broccoli

I used to plant collard greens because I love them but I don't anymore because I get my leaf from my broccoli plants! 

Harvesting broccoli is kind of fun actually. I cut up the florets, wash them and blanch, then put them in the freezer for long term storage. 

broccoli leaves

This is the ratio between broccoli (photo above) and leaves on a plant (photo right above) I wash the leaves and cut the stems off and store them in freezer bags for long term storage. The nice thing about the leaves is you don't have to blanch them, you just dry them, cut them up and put them in a freezer bag and your done!

I am not even sure if you can buy broccoli leaves at the grocery store. I will have to check that out because I think that is why I never knew you could eat them!

As for cooking them I do the same thing I would do for collard greens. A little oil or bacon grease and some onions and garlic then add some organic chicken broth and cook down. They are SO yummy and great for you and of course no pesticides or weird watering practices!

Waltham broccoli is perfect for my zone 5b and I believe it is for most zones! I buy my seeds from Heirloom Mountain Seeds 

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