Bezel Cup and Breast Milk Jewelry - New Items

December 19, 2018

Breast Milk Keepsake Ring Blank

When we have new items available in this collection we will be posting them here so you can quickly and easily see whats new! 

New Bezel Cup Items:

wide band cup ring gold

New in sterling silver and 14k gold filled wide band 10mm rings with bezel cups. Choose your bezel cup size from 4mm to 10mm  

3 bezel cup ring settings

New double and triple bezel cup ring settings! We have added these to the bezel cup ring settings. Current available in sterling silver and coming soon gold filled and pink gold filled. 

ring settings with oval bezel cups 

New oval bezel cup ring settings with all our textured and plain bands! You can find them under our bezel cup settings currently only available in sterling silver but we have plans for gold as well!

Offset V Bezel cup setting

Our new offset bezel cup ring setting is delicate and beautiful! These are great for cabochons, resin or chips! Currently listed in sterling silver, gold filled and pink gold filled with be available soon!

double band ring setting with bezel cup

Our new double band ring setting with your choice of bezel cup sizes! Currently listed in sterling silver and will soon be available in gold and pink gold filled!

DEEP bezel cup settings

We have come out with a line of REALLY deep bezel cup settings for mosaics, glass, resin or whatever you want to put in them! The rings are truly amazing!! They are big fat chunky rings and are so much fun! This is BIG jewelry! 

Bezel Cup Ring Setting with a Leaf Accent

New bezel cup settings in sterling silver with deco accents! Your choice of bezel sizes and accents! We make these in flowers, leafs, wings and more! 

Bent bars with cups for resin or cabochons

Bent bars in your choice of lengths, your choice of metals (silver, gold and pink gold) with bezel cups for resin, cabochons or breast milk and keepsake jewelry! These are fabulous for necklaces and bracelets! 

V Bars with Bezel Cups

V Bars with bezel cups for your resin designs, cabochons or breast milk and keepsake jewelry! Your choice of bar length, bezel cups size and metal (silver, gold and pink gold) 

Bezel cup bracelet settings

Bezel cup bracelet settings with your choice of bezel cups for cabochons, resin designs and breast milk and keepsake jewelry designs! Available in silver, sold and pink gold! 

crown bezel cup settings

Crown bezel cup settings! Ring settings, earring settings, pendant settings and bracelet settings! 

Double bezel cup ring settings

Double bezel cup ring settings for cabochons, resin or breast milk and keepsake jewelry! Your choice of silver, gold or pink gold!


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