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Camera Problems Are Causing Delays

I had this brilliant idea to use my camera to do videos and, I broke it. I took it into the repair shop about a week ago and the technician is out after eye surgery *sigh* I have several backup cameras, one is also having issues and I think I can fix but haven't worked on it yet, and one, the one that does actually work, is a bright red camera and you will see in this photo why I can't take photos right now ....

new products horrible photo mystic supplies

golds look bronze and silvers pick up the red color of the camera!! So these are new items that we are getting ready to list but I have no idea when that is going to happen and if I had to take a guess it will probably be a couple weeks. 

First, we have new rabbit ear pendant settings in solid 14k gold and sterling silver with your choice of bezel cup sizes. These are super cute!

new bezel cup pendants

Then we have some new resin pendants coming with rabbit ears also! These will be in various sizes from 10mm to about 20mm and also come in solid 14k gold and sterling silver. 

rabbit ears resin pendant coming soon

Last we have a new resin pendant available in sterling silver only. This one has a small ring and a silver bail and will be available in sizes from 10mm to 20mm!

As soon as I get through this camera challenge I will get photos and get them listed and I apologize for the delay in getting everything listed. I figure there is a reason for it so I am moving on to other projects and letting this go so it can resolve itself! 

Blessings and talk soon!

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