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Current Production Timelines At Mystic Supplies

Our current production time is short! We are on the slow side and I am suspecting you all are as well. Either that or you have all decided we stink and have gone elsewhere to purchase your supplies! hahaha

We are currently seeing a lot of internet outages and struggling web pages! I have checked our page and it appears to be up but not sure if it's even functioning. 

Checked down and there are a LOT of web pages that are not running right now and having massive issues. Social media sites are almost all down right now too! 

We have shipped all outstanding orders. We are taking the last of the open orders to the post office now. I don't know if this internet problem is going to be a short issue or a long one but I do know that several social media sites no longer have web pages haha WILD! 

I do not know if anyone places an order right now if we will be able to get to it. Weird stuff happening on the internet and many sites are really unstable! 

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