Danger Social Media Ahead

September 27, 2021

We are leaving social media

I really can't stand social media anymore. I actually only have Instagram and Pinterest and I am considering leaving social media completely. I dislike it so much I don't log in and I'm just not posting. I know, I know it's business suicide canceling social media, or is it? The thing is, if I am going to spend a great deal of time promoting my business I'm going to promote MY business, not some social media outlet! I would rather say go to MysticSupplies.com rather than, go to Instagram and search for Mystic Supplies. Make sense?

I have tracked my social media sites and I really don't see massive sales and customers coming from social media. Not enough to warrant the time it takes to maintain a social site properly and honestly I don't have that kind of time! In order to be really effective in social media you have to post a LOT and you need to have a desire to do it and I don't *giggle* I can think of 500 other things I would rather be doing than making a social media video's or responding to comments. 

Some of you are REALLY good at social media. I am often amazed to see your posts and the time and energy you put into them! I haven't ever been able to do it well and I admire people who can! 

I am really not sure if social media has a future. From the news and articles I read there is a lot of really bad press with social media sites and now there are a lot of law suits and drama. I worry about my own name or my business name being associated with companies that have such bad reputations. It's a little distressing to me when I read about something one of them in being reported to have done and I think "OMG I advertise there!" 

I have spent a good amount of time thinking about social media and I am not happy with it and I don't want to promote or support it. I have spent many years feeling like I couldn't function as a business without it and I just don't feel that is factual. I really don't think social media is "good" for anything or anyone including a business!

I am coming up with some ideas on how I would like my business to function and social media isn't in those ideas. I will keep you all posted on what I am doing and how it is working..... IF you are on our mailing list! You can sign up on the web page, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see newsletter sign up. Fill that out and it will update your account. There also might be a setting in your account where you can accept emails or you can contact me via email or text and tell me to add you and I will do it for you! 

One thing for sure, I plan on writing on my blog often. Content will be anything from jewelry making to cooking! I'm interested in some good ole fashioned chatter and I am always up for feedback and might even turn on the comments section despite all the form bots that attack my page!

I will be sending a weekly summary email with all the posts I managed to write that week. I hope that you will join me on this journey and I look forward to whatever comes up and the peace and quiet of not being on social media!

PS I have not deleted my Instagram or Pinterest accounts yet but I will sooner rather than later so if you enjoy following along on social media I hope you will continue to through email and if you don't I will be butt hurt but Ill get over it! *HUGE laugh*  

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