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Guys, You Gotta Make a Change NOW!

I have been reading a lot about what market places are doing to sellers and it is not good. I guess Etsy just had a strike of sellers and more is planned. They are raising fees outragously high and it isnt going to stop, more increase will come and more restrictions and more sellers who arent selling actual homemade items. It hasn't changed in the 14 years I have been in this industry and it wont change. I am sorry to be so blunt but the truth must be stated!  

I am planning on doing a series of videos on my thoughts about market places and online selling and as you all know I have spent many years being an advocate for your own .com to protect you, your business and your families and I am once again doing this in hopes that people are now ready to take that step. I will cover as many points of online selling and give information on what I have done in hopes that you will find the determination to get off these sites and onto your own!

This link is for Shopify where you can move your shop from a market place to your own .com and I highly recommend you do this. I will be available to help direct you on getting it set up and moving along. I am no expect but I have spent years studying this and know what has worked for me and I am more than willing to help anybody and everybody break the marketplace addiction once and for all LOL 

Please feel free to leave a comment below or email me with any questions you might have and I will be working on a video today and hope to have it up right away!

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Oh I get it Pat! The thing that keeps me from purchasing from these sites is the inability of them to recognize a tax id! That burns my butt about the bonus!


I am with you all of the way. I have been selling on eBay since 1998 , Rubylane and at Malls. It is a complete rip off with ebay now that they combine shipping and tax to sold price and now that 12.99%. Rubylane has followed eBay with adding to sale price but takes 10% last time I checked. Ebay’ s CEO just received 178,000,000. Million as a bonus. Here I am just about giving everything away just to get some money on ebay. Love to have my own site. Thanks for your post. Pat

Pat Miller

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