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How To Create Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is super popular and has been for many years and I doubt it is going to stop anytime soon, that's how popular it is! 

personalized jewelry ring blanks

In theory making personalized jewelry is simple and easy but in practice not so much! The super popular is rings and rings aren't easy to stamp! But with patience and practice they can be really beautiful and treasured keepsakes! 

hand stamp stacking ring set ring blanks

We make our stamping ring blanks in quality materials that will last many years. A lot of the products you find in hand stamping blanks are plated which means they will wear down and reveal a base metal under the surface and they will do this fast depending on how much wear they get.  I don't understand the idea of this, its a keepsake, meaning it is meant to last for many years if not a life time and a stacking ring set is not cheap! Don't your customers deserve quality and something that will last a lifetime?

stacking ring stamping blanks silver

We make these rings in wide band for stamping your names, words or phrases on. Hammered versions are harder to stamp and will take a good deal of experience when stamping so we recommend going with plain wide bands if you are just starting out. 

We also make thin band accent rings in all the metals to use when creating your stacking ring sets and you can offer these for sale so your customers can choose how many to add to their stack

thin band accent rings for stamping ring sets

We don't stamp rings and we don't create stacking ring sets, we are a production partner for people who do. We help very busy people get their orders filled and help them create great jewelry!

If you are looking for someone to create a set for you please contact us and we will be happy to give you someone who specializes in hand stamping.

If you are a jewelry creator and looking for a production partner to assist you with filling orders fill out our wholesale request  

To create hand stamped jewelry you will need a set or several sets (different sizes and styles) of letting stamps, a hand stamping hammer, a metal stamping block and a few other items and we will soon be carrying these items!

You can also go to YouTube and search "jewelry stamping for beginners" and watch videos on how to begin stamping! 

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