How To Make Resin Jewelry With Open Bezels

April 15, 2020

resin pendants in open bezels

Resin jewelry is really fun to make and there are SO many ways you can make it and the design possibilities are endless! No offense to anyone who makes resin jewelry and uses cheap bezels but I am a metal snob and will always choose quality metals over plated metals so when I got interested in resin jewelry I decided to make a line of open bezels in quality metals, all handmade of course! 

We have customers who use resin to create breast milk jewelry, cremation jewelry, flower jewelry and all kinds of resin type jewelry and wanted to offer some things that aren't typical or easy to find at all much less in quality metals!

These settings come in circles  squares triangles reverse triangles and ovals with a single loop at the top for earrings and necklaces. Sizes range from 6mm to 16mm. We don't show them with a jump ring on top but we can add this if requested at checkout. The jump ring is 3mm and soldered for security!

We also make them with double loops in circle, squares and ovals these are all available in 6mm to 16mm as well and we are always open to create other variations and sizes (larger, not smaller) just email us with what you have in mind and we will try and create it for you!

Making these is really simple and if you don't have any experience with it all you need is some epoxy resin (A&B) and some creations to put in the resin either ink or glitter or other cute little stones or charms. Nail art companies have great selections of things that you can put in resin jewelry to create really cool items and you can use flowers, seeds, mica coloring, gemstone chips, mylar flakes, leaf metals, inks and paints to name a few. 

You mix the resin parts together following the instructions on the container.

Take a bezel and burnish it to a piece of masking or painting tape. You really want to make sure its stuck well to the tape or the resin will leak out from between the bezel and the tape.

Add a small amount of resin to the inside of the pendant then add whatever you want on the inside of the pendant. This is where the fun begins!

Once you have the pendant designed and the items in the resin you want to fill the the pendant the rest of the way and done the top if you choose or you can leave it flat if you prefer it that way.

Let it dry according to the time on the instructions but I would recommend 24 hours to be sure its good an cured! 

Remove it from the tape and on the back side you can either paint a thin coat of resin on the back or you can add more resin and dome the back of the pendant as well. 

Don't worry about getting the resin on the metal frame you can clean that off easy enough when its completely dry. 

Some people say they will only use a bezel that has a channel because the resin will pop out of a setting that doesn't have a channel but I suspect these people haven't used a bezel without a channel before because I couldn't get the resin out of the bezel if my life depended on it hahahaha

Once you have it cured, cleaned up and dried its ready for a some jump rings, chain or ear wires and once you put it all together you have a beautiful piece of jewelry to sell, give as a gift or wear yourself!

*note: I have not tried to put the resin piece in a tumbler to clean and polish. Its never been necessary before but I will try this in the future and note my experience here 

I MIGHT at some point make a video on how to make these but I currently have too many irons in the fire to do this right now! 

If you have any questions or have special requests for sizes please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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Cathy Manuel Revere
Cathy Manuel Revere

June 14, 2020

I want to learn how to make resin jewelry, and I saw your comment about how to make resin J. with your metals. Please think about a video. I just don’t understand your steps. Thanks.

I am looking forward to getting my wholesale information in to order. I just discovered you site by accident today.

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