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How to Navigate Changes to Mystic Supplies

Hi all :) I hope you are well and being super creative in preparation for the holidays! We are also getting ready for the holidays and we are working hard to make your experience here at Mystic Supplies simple and easy! 

We have recently changed navigation and its been long over due! We really weren't sure how we wanted to structure things and what method would make it easy for both us when we are adding new items and you the end user but I think we have finally come up with what works and we have completed the work. 

New navigation at mystic supplies

Click "Shop" and a drop down comes up where you can select the category you want and from there you can either click that category or (if it expands for more selections) click to expand to the other selections in that category. 

We have also upgraded our wholesale system and you no longer need codes to purchase wholesale! YAY! This is a super easy system that will make your time on Mystic Supplies much easier. Instead of logging in at the top you just click wholesale login and log into your account. AT this point you will see your costs and check out at your costs and you no longer need to add codes or guess what your cost is!

wholesale login at mystic supplies

We have also added instruction video's!! I am making an attempt at making videos even though I'm camera shy and hate photos of myself! What we have found is that a creator might be perfectly comfortable with doing prong settings but they want to add cabochons or raw gemstones to their collections and they just aren't sure what the steps are and how to do it so we are taking our settings and showing how to complete the item to make jewelry!

instruction videos navigation

We will be adding more videos in the future not only on how to use the settings but to introduce new settings, polishing and keeping tarnish away and giving you all the details behind the items so you are informed with your creations and your customers!

We would love to hear from you about the changes! Does the navigation work for you or do you find it more difficult? What types of videos would you like to see? How is the wholesale log in working for you? Post below and let us know! We'd love to chat about it :) 

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