How To Start An Online Jewelry Business Part One

March 29, 2020

Start a jewelry business

Part one is a bit of background and a bit of starting a jewelry business. I decided there was far too much information to share that I should do this in parts hahaha

Many years ago (13 years ago now) I decided I wanted to start a jewelry business online and I had no idea how to do it or where to go or even how to create jewelry let alone actually run a business doing it!

I was making beaded items just because making them calmed me and fed my creativity. I had a stock pile of items and I had no idea what to do with them. A friend told me she was doing the same thing and she was selling her items on Etsy and E bay. So I went to Etsy and looked around. I read as much as I could and finally opened a shop in 2008 and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Let me just say here and now, it was hard and it still is! If you are thinking you can create a few pieces of jewelry and post them and you will just start magically selling, you might, you might sell a piece or two but in order to make a business out of it you have to create and sell a LOT and you have to learn, not only techniques of making jewelry but also SEO, photography, shipping, pricing, taxes and licenses and about a million other things. I wish I could just create jewelry all day long and have all the other stuff just take care of itself but if it isn't listed it can't sell.

After many years of selling online i started Mystic Supplies which is jewelry supplies for people who make jewelry and we cater to people who handcraft their jewelry. We wanted to help people start and expand their jewelry lines so they can be successful in this business! 

When I was making jewelry, I would have ideas about making something but it was above my skill level and I would look for a supplier to assist me in making things (I did actually find one shop on Etsy that helped me a bit) but in general people were very hush hush about their sources and how they did what they did.

The biggest problem I had was the time it took to order from the shop that I was ordering from. It was typically a 2 week wait to get my supplies and that was really unreasonable for my timeline. So when we started helping people making supplies we decided to produce our items as fast as we can so that new business's and their customer don't have to wait to complete a sale! 

Now that I have years into making jewelry and selling online I would not recommend starting your business on Etsy or E bay or even Amazon. Start your business on our own web site with your own domain name, get set up and start promoting and then if you want to supplement your income by selling on a marketplace you can, but make your domain your number one location. 

I am not opposed to selling on marketplaces I just think they should be secondary to your own web page. Most marketplaces are easier because you don't have to know too much about SEO (search engine optimization) and the traffic is built in. The problem is your customers get used to purchasing from a specific place and it will be really difficult to move to your own web site later on. The's fees and restrictions on marketplaces get really overwhelming after a period of time and the rules for collecting and filing sales tax on marketplaces are very different and a lot more expensive than selling on your own site. 

I recommend starting a shop on Shopify. Start with the basic plan and in fact contact them and see if you can get a trial for a period of time while setting up your store. You can get domain names and email hosting services from many different companies online but I recommend and using them because their products and customer service are fantastic! 

Once you pick your domain name and get a subscription you will want to get a Shopify store and connect the two. You can call and they will assist you in connecting them! 

Part two coming up in a couple days, stay tuned! 

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