Mystic Supplies Update March 4th

Mar 4th Materials, Metals, Products, Shipping - Mystic Supplies Update

Materials Update: We have had very minor issues with supply. Occasionally we will run into an out of stock item but it is available again in a day or two. 

Metals Market: Metals market is without a doubt up, we are watching it daily and we are thinking if it continues we will have to increase prices next week if it keeps the same pace. Current prices on the metals are below. We will keep you posted but keep in mind if metals become too volatile we will have to close until it stabilizes. 

Gold $1,967.40 Silver $25.65 Platinum $1,115.00 Palladium $2896.00 

Shipping: Shipping is running surprisingly smooth! Lost packages are not happening and timelines are acceptable! As usual, UPS has been very efficient but USPS hasn't been terrible either. 

Product Update: For all the keepsake and cabochon sellers we have finally made the new pattern bands in cups and you can read about what is available and purchase them from their own listing. They are available in 1mm wide and 1.5mm wide bands. We will be sending samples, assuming they are available, with your orders. 

pattern bands bezel cup ring settings  

Processing Times: Current processing time has been updated to 1-2 days 

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