Material, shipping and products update April 2022



Material supply remains very good however I still haven't gotten a response about white gold issues that could come in the future and I suspect the reason I havent heard is because they dont know much more than I do and at this point it is all speculation! 

Metals Market 

Silver $ 25.25   Gold $1,924.50  

Shockingly metals have remained stable but then they usually do when our government is printing fake money! We are headed for big problems in our economy unless something changes soon. Right now we are just going with the flow! 


BIG News on shipping! We have decided to minimize our services with USPS. We will continue to offer standard shipping however all upper services will now be through UPS. I have had one last drama filled horrible customer service event with them and I am done. If they can ever figure out how to offer customers some actual service I'll consider them again but I have had enough of giving people my money, only to have them treat me like pond scum and Im just not going to do it anymore. 


No New products but I did do a video on the new pattern band rings with bezel cups and raw gemstones! 


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