Mystic Supplies Update Nov 2022


Materials: Material supply is shockingly good. We have run into small issues with things being out of stock but it is replenished pretty quickly! Lets pray that remains the case through the holidays. 

Metals Market: Metals are remaining low but they could rebound a LOT any day. I am pretty sure the market is being manipulated and the numbers that are being published are much different from what we are seeing in our daily lives. We are navigating the best we can with the lack of information we are getting. 

Silver $21.50 Gold $1770.40

Shipping: Shipping is steady and no major problems to announce although I did get notice that Priority shipping will increase again 6.7% January 23rd however most of the wholesale buyers will have a 3.5% increase. Unless UPS raises rates soon that means that USPS is officially higher than UPS and I find that predicable :) 

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