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Materials, Shipping, Product & Supply Update Mystic Supplies

Hi guys :) I am doing this update all in one just because there isn't a lot to say on many topics HOWVER with metals moving up I felt the need to get in touch!

Metals Market Update 

  • GOLD $1,910.00 +11.00
  • SILVER $24.57 +0.43
  • PLATINUM $1,096.00 +15.00
  • PALLADIUM $2,481.00 +127.00

Metals are on the rise and it's not looking like they are coming down! As I have said in the past we are good to a certain $ amount and then we will have to raise prices. IF it gets really volatile which it easily could because of all the things that are going on in the world right now we will most likely close down. I'm thinking if we cannot keep up with the price changes, this will need to be done. I will alert you all via email if we do this. 

Shipping Update 

We are currently having no issues with shipping. UPS is running smooth and fast, USPS is moving slower but they are getting the job done.  

Product Update

No new products at this time HOWEVER we wanted to let you know the new bands are available in cups. Until we get the cups made up you can use the raw gemstone listing and put a note on the item the size of the cup you would like! 

Wave Bands

Dip Bands 

Alternate Bands  

Materials Update 

We have had a few items here and there that aren't available but for the most part all materials are available and should remain available as all our suppliers are in the USA 

dip band ring    wave band ring    alternate ring band

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