Materials Update Mystic Supplies Jan 14th

Materials Update Mystic Supplies January 14th

We have had very minimal supply issues in the last couple months. We are hearing about a potential trucker strike for truckers crossing the US and Canada border but 99% of our items come from the US. 

I don't expect there to be any issues with future orders at this time and we are well stocked with material currently. If this changes we will update you as information becomes available. 

branch and leaf collection mystic supplies

We have had to discontinue this line of products. All our leaf and branch items have been removed from the page. The woman who supplied the material for us to make these disappeared:( I am not sure what happened but I could make an educated guess. At any rate she went MIA in August of last year and she is still gone so we have no choice but to drop this line.


simulated opal cabochons mystic supplies   peridot cabochons mystic supplies   It all started with bread

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