Metals market update

Metals Market Update At Mystic Supplies

We are coming into the holidays and the busy season and you guys, metals are going up and as the masses start to realize all the problems that are happening with the dollar, those metal prices are going to go up, up and up!

I have watched the metals move up several dollars (or tens of dollars depending on the material) in the last couple days. In a normal society I would not be concerned with it, but we aren’t in a normal society right now.

My concern is this. As people realize how damaged the supply chain and the dollar is, the price of gold and silver will go way up! We will keep you posted on this.

We will not need to make any changes until silver hits about $27.00

Here are todays metal prices:

Silver $23.98  

Gold $1796.75 

Platinum $1028.50 

Palladium $1966.50 

In case you didn’t know, everything we make and sell has scrap value so never throw any of it away! You can sell your throw away end clipping for scrap!

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