Shipping rate increases for the holiday

More Holiday Price Increases For Shipping

The holidays are upon us and EVERY single carrier is raising prices. I get it, gas it insane and inflation is going to heights we have never seen before but I think it is going to make online shopping a little slow this year!

I think shopping is going to be slow no matter what actually. I hope I'm wrong but the signs are pointing in that direction between inflation and shipping container issues and supply problems. Anyway, here are some price changes on shipping that have started or are coming soon.

Some of these services we don't use but we have included them in case you guys do!

  • Effective October 1, existing one-day to three-day service standards will change to one to five days for first-class mail.
  • For other impacts to USPS delivery guarantees, refer to USPS updates.
  • Surcharges apply


  • Effective October 31, 2021 to January 15, 2022, peak surcharges are applied to domestic shipments, ranging from 1.15 USD to 6.15 USD per package.
  • Peak surcharges continue to be in effect for international shipments from all origins to all destinations.
  • Effective October 3, 2021 to January 15, 2022, peak surcharges apply for the following:

    • Additional handling: increases to 6.00 USD
    • Large packages: increases to 60.00 USD
    • Packages over maximum limits: increases to 250.00 USD
  • Exempt from surcharges on domestic shipments


Canada Post
  • Surcharges apply


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