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October 06, 2021

Michelle Lee as a child, drawing

I have always been crafty and artsy. I have painted, worked with natural clay, polymer, wood, mosaics, tile and various other mediums. I don't think there has ever been a time in my life, as far back as I can remember, that i wasn't creating something. 

In 2008 I started working with beads and metals and started my path to making jewelry which has turned into many things including creating jewelry setting for people who make jewelry. 

During this time I also learned to work with stained glass and have created several pieces but not nearly as many as I would like to create. Time has been an issue for me. It took many years to build my business and in that time there wasn't a lot of room for anything but the business, sleep and food. 

After years of pushing myself too hard and not eating right and my yoga practice taking a back seat to the business I started to develop health issues. Mainly from sitting too much. Sitting is the new smoking they say. I started to make adjustments and went on a path to get back in shape which I accomplished and regained my health. Now I don't work as much and have developed a love of gardening, canning and creating literally everything. 

At some point I decided that I wanted to create everything I came in contact with, myself. I am now, what I would call a creation guru. I make my own lotions, oils, toothpaste, spices, bread and many other items and everyday I am learning to create more things. The more i create the more I want to learn to create! 

I have lived in my current home for 17 years. When I bought it I had a fence put up because my dogs needed a yard. However, the property was big and it had never been worked before. It was on the side of a mountain and was a traffic area for all kinds of wildlife. At the time I felt I didn't have the time to do yard things so I put up the fence in a way that wouldn't interfere with any of the wildlife and I would be able to maintain it. 

Colorado Backyard

I did have gardens over the years but they were small, one or two plants of various fruits and veggies. I enjoyed gardening and had always wanted to do more but time was an issue, as always. 

Fast forward to today, time is still an issue and I have had to let go of anything I didn't REALLY love so I would have more time. I moved the fence to the property line and took down the old fence and now I spend 90% of my time in my yard. 

Gardening in Colorado

As you can see, it has taken on a life of its own and I really love being on my property growing and creating. 

My intention for this blog is to share all the things I create, my journey, challenges and successes of learning and creating! I hope it will inspire you to create your own things. I pray there will be laughs and I believe as I write these stories I will learn and grow more as a person. 

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