Mystic Supplies And Corona Virus

March 25, 2020

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We wanted to take a minute to update you on the corona virus effects on our small business! We work from home, the lower level of our home is our studio and we have been "social distancing" for 3 weeks now. We plan on continuing this and have no desire to put ourselves or our customers in risky situations!

We are shipping orders daily and our material suppliers are also still shipping daily! We haven't seen any changes in delivery and haven't experienced any delays. We have started to see notices that there may be shipping delays. 

Incoming packages we have been sanitizing just to be on the safe side and we are recommending that everyone do this

The only thing that could happen at this point that might affect our ability to deliver product is if the shipping services slow or stop but I don't see that happening anytime soon!

The only delays we might have is in responding to email and messages as we are away from the studio a bit more these days due to slow sales but we typically respond within the same day the message is received! 

We will continue to update you here if there are any changes and we hope you are all safe and healthy ♥

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