Mystic Supplies Blog Comments Are OFF!

Mystic Supplies Blog Comments Are OFF!

We don't allow comments, not because we don't want to hear your comments or thoughts (We would LOVE nothing more than to hear them!) but because there are all these things called "form botts" out there and they create huge amounts of havoc for us on all levels of our page. 

If you have blog comments open, the form botts are attracted to it and they will fill out every form on your page while they visit and we have to spend great amounts of time removing customers who arent really customers and emails that arent really emails etc

We hope to one day be able to have an open chat forum and we are always looking at possibilities but we haven't found anything we love yet!

If you have a comment that you REALLY want to share though, we would love for you to email or text us! You can find the links for both on the front page in the upper right corner!

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