Mystic Supplies Rumble & You Tube Vlog

Mystic Supplies Rumble & You Tube Vlog

We have a Rumble channel that we have done a few simple "how to videos on claws, cups and prong settings and we have recently decided to expand this channel with regular vlogs and videos on making everything. 

We have been doing blog posts and I find them time consuming to write, so we are going to switch to vlogs which might not be much easier but probably more fun! 

These vlogs will be about jewelry supplies, creating jewelry, updates and new products but also the other things we do like gardening, cooking, canning, preserving, making our own toiletries, candles, oils, chickens and more! 

We will also be creating a channel on Rumble because we are just not sure that You Tube will be around for much longer *straight face* and we want an alternative platform to secure our videos! 

One problem I have is I have misplaced the how to videos that I posted on You Tube so I might end up having to redo those! We shall see, they were rough and not done so well but they do serve the purpose they were designed for! 

If you would like to get instant updates on our vlogs just go to You Tube and his subscribe and the little bell will let you know right away when we have posted a video! 

We will also be posting updates on this blog when we post new videos 

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