New Stamped Tags for Jewelry Making

New Stamped Tags for Jewelry Making

We have some cute little tags for you! These are available in sterling silver, 14k gold filled and 14k pink gold filled and they are stamped with a leaf accent and they are just about as cute as can be! 

leaf tags for jewelry making

These come in random sizes but mostly run 10mm or 12mm long and have a single hole, You can also choose if you want them with oxidized leafs or non oxidized leafs! 

These are the beginnings of all the tags we have coming! We are also working on different shapes and sizes and different tag styles! This is a terrible picture of them but I snapped one quick to add to this post so you can see the items that are coming. 

stamped tags for jewelry making

We are also adding copper tags to our selections (and possibly other copper items in the future) These will be mostly theme type tags with nature designs and mandalas and such but if you have something else in mind just let us know and we will see if we can create it for you! 

copper blue bells tag

And we have crescent moons coming in all metals including copper too! 

crescent moon copper tag

Of course if you have a change you would like to make or a metal request just let us know and we will see if we can create them for you! 


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