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March 04, 2022

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I wanted to tell you a story about my life in the last year or so. I have touched on this a little on my total creation blog and my recent video adventures! After some fairly minor health issues which could have become HUGE health issues, I started doing a lot of research on food and reading labels. I was researching because I have always considered myself to be a fairly sensible eater and yet, here I was having health problems!

The more I read and researched the more I saw how truly terrible our food sources are. There are roughly 3 main preservatives that are put in standard grocery store food that directly link to cancer, heart disease and diabetes! WHY are these in our food? and more important, why are we eating them!?

As many of you know I started making HUGE changes in my life. I started gardening because, well for many reasons but mostly because I found out how our government has farmers irrigate crops. Ever wonder why you are CONSTANTLY hearing about recalls on lettuce and other produce? Trust me when I say you probably don't want to know! But you should know!!!

On top of gardening, I got chickens for eggs (I love my chickens) and I started learning the "old ways" of cooking nutrient dense foods and how to preserve it in an effort to be healthy and live a full life without being dependent on the medical industry or pharmaceuticals. Our healthcare system is seriously broken and we need to take personal responsibility for our health. 

During this time, COVID hit and the threats of not being able to get to the grocery store or having to eat canned spam for 6 months threw me into REALLY serious food preservation! I have been completely absorbed in this for almost 2 years now and have even started making my own shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant, which I really don't have time to do but I felt it was better than poisoning myself and my family with the stuff they are selling in the grocery and beauty stores!

I also had a problem with make up! I have a very hard time wearing it in my older years. I used to wear it with minimal issue but over the last 5 years or so I have become so sensitive to make up that I cannot wear it. I am not sure if they have changed the formulas or if I've developed a sensitivity to it but I had completely stopped wearing it (that has changed and I will do another post on this) 

I hated using cleaning products because I was sensitive to the chemicals in them! I would dread cleaning the house because I knew how harsh and unhealthy the products were! Believe it or not I now enjoy cleaning the house and everything smells so lovely and I know I'm not breathing in toxic fumes! I don't have to focus any of my energy making these products myself which is a great thing because I am going to be a very busy gardener this summer! 

The thing I am also passionate about and another driving force here, is my passion for the people! First and foremost the people of the USA, secondly the people all over the world! I am all too aware of how our hard earned $$ are going to companies buying outside of the USA and how that money we all spend is supporting companies who really HATE the USA, our values and our morals, and are fighting us and lobbying against us every chance they get! I WILL NOT support these companies ever again. 

MY goal is to get people I know to stop purchasing everyday items like cosmetics, toothpaste, laundry soap and dish soap from companies who are not supportive of "we the people" and to get the toxins out of our life, things that are making us all sick and dependent on our medical system. Also I am concerned that at some point it will be difficult to shop at stores and this will be super nessesary!

They deliver to a drop point near you. If there isnt a drop point you can apply to be a drop point!

The best part is these products aren't costing me anymore than I would normally spend!

Shop now! 

cleaning options for your jewelry designs   You gotta make a change!

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