Shipping Update - Mystic Supplies

Shipping Update Nov 11- Mystic Supplies

In my hurry to provide fast service at times, I have misjudged a package size and thought “well it’s the same cost and weight so it shouldn’t matter” well I just found out that now USPS will be charging a $1.50 fee for failing to provide accurate package dimensions or weights.

They are also raising rates, again. January 9, 2022, assuming the approval goes through. I would guess this is due to the increase in fuel prices (and they haven’t even started to rise yet, if they close the Michigan pipeline gas will be very expensive or not even be available)

These price changes will happen specifically with first class and priority shipping. The commercial base will increase an average of 4.5% on priority and 7.6% on priority. Don’t forget this increase comes about as USPS is stating they will slow delivery times, again.

There isn’t a lot we can do about rising shipping costs, but we can slow down and get accurate on our package sizes to be sure we aren’t blindsided by an additional fee. I am not sure how this will be charged for online sales, but I suspect it will be something like charging the receiver (your customer) the additional fee. Which wouldn’t be a good look for any of us, right?

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