shipping update mystic supplies jan 14th

Shipping Update Mystic Supplies Jan 14th

We had fears about the holiday season shipping and those fears ended up being unfounded, kind of. It's more like the fears were delayed! We are receiving emails from our suppliers talking about the problems they are experiencing with slow delivery and lost packages and our one supplier from overseas is stating they will no longer be shipping to the states until the issues are resolved. Luckily we just stocked up on those items so we shouldn't be affected by the decision they have made. 

Our outgoing shipping issues have been minimal but we are seeing a serious delay in packages with USPS moving through the system. UPS has been functioning normal for us, however they have changes their overnight shipping to arrive anytime during the day (used to be by 10 am) and that is creating a bit of a slow down for us. Otherwise we haven't experienced any delays with UPS. Packages are arriving when we expect them to! 

We are finally done with inventory and making and shipping on our regular schedule and we are posting weekly blogs again :) 

tie tak for raw gemstones setting   tie bars with cups for resin designs    spring clasp in gold silver and pink gold

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