The Creation and Growth Of My Garden

October 15, 2021

Gardening in Colorado

When I purchased my house I had a lot of open ends in my life and I really didnt have a lot of time on my hands, but I had dogs and my dogs needed a safe yard they would spend time in. Even though my property was rather big I put up the fence about 20 feet off the back of my house because of the dogs but also because I didn't want to care for all that land and the local deer population came through most days and I didn't want to interrupt the flow. Not easy to see but there is a buck looking at bella from the other side of the fence in the photo above.  

Many years later, I wanted a change and I hired a fencing crew to put the fence on the property line. Or close to it anyway, I left room for the deer to travel through. 

fence on property line

The black frame at the from is where the old fence was and the new fence is in the background. Yep big difference. I kept part of the fence to make a bird feeder/sanctuary and I painted it black. I created a long flat dish to put on the top with peanuts and added a few swinging feeders for seed and of course several suet grates and a hummingbird feeder. Under that I dug out a small pond, lined it and added rocks and sticks for the birds to get on to get a drink. 

Garden plot

At this point almost nothing has been done to the ground aside from the bird area. This area is where I wanted to start my garden. I was not sure how things were going to grow here so I decided to make some raised beds for this area. 

Raised bed garden progress

After we built the raised beds and put them in, I raked the whole yard and added the twigs, and dead grass to the bottom of each raised bed to help with drainage. I put down weed cloth to keep the weeds from growing up into the raised beds. Then filled the beds with fertilized soil. 

Mulched garden area

Then I mulched all around the beds, built some trellis stands and started planting. Some of the plants I purchased because I ran out of time to get them in the ground but many I grew from seed inside while I was working on this garden area. 

Tomato seedlings

I learned that some plants do better starting as seedlings inside long before they go out to the garden and some things are best planted as seed in place in the garden. Tomato's do well started early and inside. 

Garden progress

As things progressed and plants started to grow it was time to work on other things and continue to plant. In this photo I had peppers in the first one, potato's in the second, broccoli in the third and tomato's in the fourth and fifth.  I was having a hard time getting up and down the hill so I decided to dig out paths and stairs from the ground all over to make it easier. 

Terraced backyard

I dug out steps and added fake grass to keep the mud down and put in a path all across the area and added solar lights so when I was in the yard later in the evening I had a way to see the paths. I also started working the ground to plant.

paths in the yard

I brought the path and lights all the way over to the other side and down the hill on the other side. Now it is very easy to walk around, work and move things. I also dug out a fire pit in another area so we can sit out at night and have fires. 

beautiful night fire

This is a photo I took of the garden/yard progress and all the plants I managed to plant in a very short season 

panorama view of garden

You can see from this photo how high up the upper garden is! This was a photo of the early stages of the garden. Below are a few advanced photos well into the growing season. 

broccoli      pumpkin plants    tomatos

tomatos     growing garden    bird sanctuary and garden

I ended the season with a great harvest and a ton of new knowledge and now that the season is over and we have had our first frost I still have plants in the garden that are just getting started. Spinach and Lettuce are difficult to grow in our climate. They do better this time of year. I have removed all the plants that gave us an amazing harvest and I am working on my plans for next season. I figure I can rest for a couple months before its time to start preparing for next year and next year I plan to double my production! 

The bird sanctuary was a big hit and at times we would have 30+ wild birds and 6 squirrels enjoying some peanuts and a drink of water. 

 Bird Sanctuary

I worked hard, was rewarded in a big way and will spend my winter feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. I am blessed!

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