United States Post Office Changes 2021

March 25, 2021

United States Post Office Changes 2021

USPS Shipping

The big news is, I have ZERO confidence in USPS!

To the point where I have added UPS shipping to my other stores and I have determined that the majority of buyers do not have any confidence in them either because since i have added UPS, 3/4 of my orders are shipping with UPS.

Don't be afraid to choose other options for shipping for your own stores. My volume of orders has not slowed down at all, they have actually increased. People are willing to pay for UPS so they get the item they want as fast as they want and they don't have to worry or stress about delivery.

I have also gotten a notice from USPS stating they are raising prices again on all services and doing a major restructuring on how they function. They have been laying off people, cutting hours on some and over working other people. They will no longer be using air services in most instances and they will be consolidating and closing stores and distribution centers

They put out a press release here that you can read about all the changes they are making in an effort to "SAVE the post office" This is a 10 year plan and they have about 160 billion in operating costs they will have to cover so I expect this increase to be significant and the only benefit that I see coming from this is they intend on servicing 7 days a week although looking at the plan I'm not sure where they will get the people to cover delivery for Sunday

The Denver hub services the entire state of Colorado and Wyoming. When they get overload they ship all packages to other locations for processing. Right now Denver processing is at least a week behind and they aren't scanning packages because they aren't moving at all. They are actually sitting in Denver for a week before moving. I have let them know this is not acceptable and we would be changing carries and the response was "bye, we understand and wish you luck" lol

Another thing this rate increase is going to do is for those of you who sell on marketplaces and pay fee's based on total order value, your fees are going to increase on your market places :( I cannot find info on dates and proposed increases just yet but you can read the press release above!

*knock on wood* we have had zero issues with UPS and we personally ship everything we order with UPS (rarely I will use priority express) and I recommend going with UPS instead of USPS. With the issues they already have and the new "plan" they are setting in motion I have even less confidence in their services. We will also be very cautious of lost packages as we have been recently. We are very aware they aren't scanning packages and they are letting them sit for extended periods of time so we can no longer assume a package has been lost even when it looks like it has been!

I hope this information is useful to you! Shipping is such a big part of all our businesses and we really need a "good" partner in delivering products to our customers. If USPS gets too bad I will consider removing the service altogether to maintain our good service!

Lastly, if you are wondering if there are service disruptions happening with USPS you can check here

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