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Updates On Shipping For Mystic Supplies

We don’t use Fed Ex however someone I deal with just told me that Fed Ex has reported they are delivering about 83% of their packages. They are having a lot of issues with losing packages and they have serious labor shortages. They have warned this will get worse from here to Christmas. If you ship Fed Ex this is good information to know!

The post office (USPS) is also having serious worker shortages and have already warned of excessive delays in packages moving through the system.

UPS seems to be the only consistent shipper right now and they too are having some issues. We had a problem with a driver not picking up the box where we used to drop off our packages. Our local drop off has had a fire and is currently closed so we travel to drop off shipments. We will continue to do this unless we have problems then we may change to a twice a week pick up. We will just have to play it by ear and see how things go and of course we will keep you updated.

**UPS is no longer accepting new customers so if you aren’t currently shipping UPS you might not be able to get an account. Because of the issues with Fed Ex and USPS, UPS is telling people no on new accounts because they cannot handle the volume.

If any of you are planning on doing a Black Friday sale, I suggest you pick an earlier time to do it, we could see massive problems with shipping by Thanksgiving!

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