We Are Quiet But We Are Busy Creating During Covid

June 25, 2020

Copper hammered disks in your choice of sizes

We have been working hard on some really unusual products ( for us anyway ) and we have really been enjoying having the time to create. The summer months and Covid have us a little quiet here and there and while we are quiet we are making good use of our time and playing with new products!

First we have been working on some polymer clay beads! Currently we have focal beads available but haven't listed them yet. We have more work to do on them before they are ready for sale but they are coming out beautiful and we are having a blast making them! 

polymer clay beads swirl    polymer clay flower bead

Then we are working on some copper products :) We have disks in textures and domes and more coming but we are also working on patina's. i don't have photos available of the patinas yet, they are cooking and we have yet to perfect the process but we hope to have them available soon!

domed copper disks    flat hammered copper disks

We are also working on some stamped items, mostly disks with accent stamps and we will have them available in non oxidized and oxidized versions 

stamped design disks    fairy disk in silver

We will eventually have some pretty elaborate stamped disks and I cannot wait to get them perfected and listed!

We also have been working on a rather large stockpile of dried flowers for resin jewelry and will be listing these soon as well. If you are in need of some dandelion seeds just message us if we haven't gotten the listing up! 

Dandelion Dried

We will send an email when they are listed and ready for sale so if you aren't on our email list and would like to be notified sign up (go to the front page and scroll to the bottom) and sign up! 

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