Mystic Supplies Weather Report July 2020

WEATHER REPORT - Mystic Supplies

Although summer is always slower we are noticing a big increase in jewelry sales but slower than average supply sales. I'm not sure if this is intentional or if many of you are just not seeing the business you have in the past. Advertising is really important right now though. Google shopping is now free for all products and COVID-19 is propelling online shopping to a new level so your sales should all be up up up! Advertising on google has a much better ROI since they started listing for free! If you stopped google shopping because of a low ROI in the past, you might want to revisit it!

Facebook now has Facebook Shops and it is long overdue in my opinion. I always thought Facebook should be focusing on selling and wondered why they didn't. Hardly anyone is talking about this and I believe the topic is being blocked on marketplaces so not many know about this yet!

With the increased fee's on marketplaces (most exceeding 15%) I am looking forward to Facebook Shops as the fee will be 5% and they are finally, serious about shopping. If you have a Shopify store and a Face Book business page you can connect your products to Facebook Shops pretty easy. They are still working on rolling it out but you might contact Shopify support and have them get you set up if this is of interest to you!

As of me writing this Etsy has not stated they intend to participate in Facebook Shops. They have actually not made a statement one way or another about the topic and no one is talking about it on the forums which is surprising to me but they could be removing posts about it.

Instagram has "tag your products" which has really helped with our sales and I recommend it to everyone! They are also now rolling out Instagram Shops where you can have a dedicated online store on Instagram. This will be a bit of a blow to people who have been selling on Instagram without paying fees but I believe it will help increase sales for most. Pinterest is also working on getting into online shopping! I think this is the wave of the future!

More and more people have taken up online shopping due to COVID and I think the masses will find, over time, online shopping is the way to go. I have always shopped online but have gone to local stores as well but I have noticed in the last 3 months that shopping online is the ONLY way to shop anymore. When I have decided to brave the world and go to a store I have left without the items I went there to get because the store didn't have the item and I ended up having to order it online anyway. This has happened to me so many times that I now don't even consider going to the store to get anything I just order it online!

We hope this information has made a difference in your life and on your future business success!


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